Can anabolic steroids get used for the medical reasons?


Anabolic steroids can be used for treating some hormonal problems, and where there is the deficiency of the natural male hormones. Also, they are trialled in treatment of the weight loss that are caused by the HIV and AIDS infection. The anabolic steroids can be used for treating cancers, osteoporosis or rare conditions. When the anabolic steroids are utilized for the medical purposes, they’re used when some other drugs haven’t worked. The body building and improvement of sporting performance aren’t medical reasons to use the anabolic steroids.

Can I tell doctor I use the anabolic steroids?

Your doctor might discover some side effects from making use of buy anabolic steroids that you might not have seen at all. They will give you the advice on how you can decrease side effects.

Why my doctor cannot prescribe the steroids?

It’s illegal for doctor to prescribe the anabolic steroids, till they are used for the medical reasons. Some people have also suggested that the doctors must prescribe the anabolic steroids so steroid users are 'monitored'. Some experts agree to this. It is because there’s not any safe way to 'monitoring' use of the steroids. There’s not any 'safe' dose, thus doctor will not safely prescribe the anabolic steroids for the non-medical reasons.

Will I get 'addicted' to the anabolic steroids?

You might get psychologically dependent at anabolic steroids. Suppose it happens you might crave steroids as well as find this tough to stop using it, although you know they’re affecting the health. You can’t get physically 'addicted' to the anabolic steroids, like you may with the alcohol and heroin.

What psychological effects will users experience?

The anabolic steroid users say they experience feeling of the euphoria (or feeling high) and improved self-esteem (better about themselves). Some say that they have got mood swings, aggressive or violent behaviour, get paranoid and depressed. As limited amount of the research is done in the area, it is tough to be sure if particular steroid user can get any of the side effects. Suppose you think that you’re experiencing these side effects, then you must discuss it with the doctor.

Am I totally safe from the side effects?

NO. There’s not any definite way to 'monitor' anabolic steroids aren’t causing any kind of side effects on liver. The normal blood test doesn’t essentially mean your liver is totally normal.

Is this safe to use HCG for the treatment?

Generally, it’s not safe using any other drugs for treating the side effects. That depends on drug, they will cause many problems like anabolic steroids themselves. This is mainly dangerous to use the diuretics (the drugs that decrease the fluid retention) with the anabolic steroids. They might cause the abnormal heart rhythms that might lead to the death. It is because the diuretics will suddenly & markedly change quantity of the sodium and the potassium in the cells in body that will be dangerous for the blood cells, heart muscle or brain tissue.


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