About Child Custody Lawyer in Wilmington NC

Growing up in a broken family is hard for every child especially if they are experiencing emotional and mental stress outside the boundaries of their homes. To avoid this, divorced parents usually consult legal experts to address the possible issues that may rise while the child is growing up which usually starts with the custody of the child. Child custody lawyer in Wilmington NC

Child custody lawyer in Wilmington NC has lawyers who specialize in the field involving the child trapped in the middle of parents who chose to get divorce. These lawyers help and assist in establishing child custody and visitation arrangements between parents who are divorced or separated.

These lawyers also introduce various forms of child custody arrangements that fit the child’s interests such as:

  • Legal Custody. In this custody arrangement, allows both parents to share the rights to the child. All the responsibility in making decisions about the rearing of the child will be coming from both parents especially in fields such as education, religion, discipline and medical care.
  • Physical Custody. This arrangement gives the right to a parent to have the child live with him or her. Most courts however, order joint physical custody but the time of the parents are not most of the time divided into 50/50.
  • Sole Custody. This custody arrangement provides one parent with total custody over the child and leaving the other parent to only have visitation rights.
  • Joint Custody. This arrangement allows parents to synchronize their schedules and share decision-making duties over their child.
  • Bird’s Nest Custody. This occurs when the child remains in only one home and the parents rotate going in and out of the house to look after the child.

The child custody lawyers in Wilmington NC are fully equipped in assisting in child custody issues and could address it with their fullest potential as professionals.