Vietnam: One of the Greatest IT Outsourcing Destination

Simply a decade ago Vietnam was not the obvious option for outsourcing service provider for developing the software business of many IT companies all over the world. It was hardly the most obvious option. While Philippines, South Africa or India promptly connected with the outsourcing business process, Vietnam was working to boost the export businesses on different items particularly garments, shoes and bikes.Chalkboard "Outsourcing"

The Great Transitions of Vietnam

Today Vietnam is talked about as the most acceptable destination of outsourcing for some companies across the world. As per Gartner rating scale, Vietnam was first named as one of the top thirty countries to provide great offshore service. Even the latest reports have evaluated and placed Vietnam at the top tier of all IT outsource service providers.

Why Vietnam is a great attraction for the IT outsourcing

Under the making over of the country, Vietnam tech business is on the rise. The force of consumer strength is apparent in the achievement of different outsider companies working here. Hantor in Canada finds greatest inspiration out of business friendly atmosphere in the country where loyalty is highly valued. The level of commitment of the working force in Vietnam is getting stronger day by day. The good company culture under the influence of strong management is extremely encouraging for IT outsourcing.

The Story behind the Success

According to a recent survey report, the government of Vietnam has significantly succeeded in improving per capita income of the country because of the low cost, and lower market risk. More is that, a chain of educational evaluations and motivation has been applied for promoting the technological sector.

In addition, Vietnam is exceedingly becoming an attractive place for IT outsourcing for the low salaried technically skilled workers. The tons of firms in IT industry all over the world came to seek the partnership of the Vietnamese Companies. The Canada based companies like Hantor is not an exception. It is the blending of the low cost with skilled workers that has turned Vietnam an obvious option for many companies.