Importance of Nurses in the society





A nurse is such a person who got training for giving care to those people who are ill, injured or whatever. Nurses are such that they work along with doctors and other sort of workers who work in different centers of health care for making patients to get well and for keeping them fit as well as healthy. Nurses also provide help to the people who need the end-of-life requirements and they also help the other people like the family members of a patient who need them. There are different types of training sessions for nurses and different degrees after which they are presented with different pins like BSN pins, RN pins, etc.

Degrees and training sessions for nurses

A lot of nurses can go for different degree program or different training sessions since there are variety of schools or nursing institutions that are available for the nurses. For example BS in nursing is one of such degrees after which a nurse is considered to have completed her undergraduate degree. After getting done with BS, nurses are given BSN pins which show that they have completed their degree. Another training session for nursing is the one that after its completion, the nurse is called a Registered Nurse. At this stage the nurses are given RN pins which show that they have completed their training for becoming registered nurses.

Nursing Ceremonies

There are a lot of schools and institutions for nurses for their training and education. There are different sorts of events organized at such schools for different purposes just like in other schools. There is a grand ceremony as well that is organized once a year for presenting the nurses pins after getting done with their education; this ceremony is called nursing pinning ceremony. A lot of different arrangements are made for this ceremony and sometimes all the nurses sing the nightingale pledge together which gives a very graceful sense. Other events are such that the nurses are given other pins like BNS pins, RN pins, etc.

Nursing is a very good profession and nurses must be saluted, since they sacrifice their whole lives in serving the people and helping them who need their care; therefore they must be highly respected. The different that are given to the nurses like RN pins or BNS pins act as the badges for the nurses and they show the schools or training centers sometimes, from which the nurses graduated. It is a matter of great honor for a nurse to complete her training and education and start practicing her job. Nurses wear certain type of uniform that makes them unique from the other people and they can be identified easily visit more