If you attend the same yoga class each week at a studio or gym with the same teacher in the same space you might begin to feel that you are falling into a bit of a rut. Maybe when you first began with yoga it was a challenge for you as you learned the new poses and you had to work on your balance. Now you are feeling confident in your practice and you can a marked improvement in your balance and you are seeking new challenges. Here are some tips for breathing new life into your practice and take it to the next level.

Go deeper in your practice

When you are on the mat you must focus your mind on merging your breath with each movement of your body. Clear your mind of all of the swirling thoughts of your to-do list, and the various worries that follow you around. Introduce pranyama breathing exercises into your practice and take the opportunity to really go deep focusing your mind only on your breath and emptying your mind. Adding a meditation practice can also take you practice to a deeper place. Start off slowly for ten minutes at a time and then build up to 30 minutes or an hour. You will see the results in your life as you become more relaxed and calm.

Visit a new studio

Branch out and visit a new yoga studio and maybe try another style of yoga. Mixing up your routine is a sure way to dissolve those feelings of boredom that sometimes come up. Working with a new teacher, learning new asana and practicing in a new space adds variety to your practice like yoga swing.

Practice outdoors

Take your mat to the park and practice outdoors. Gather some friends and do yoga in the sunshine. Practicing outdoors is fun and exposes others to yoga.

Practice at home with a new DVD

If you usually go to a class at a gym or a studio, try practicing at home with a new yoga DVD. Buy a DVD featuring one of your favorite yoga teachers or borrow one from the library.

Try a yoga retreat

Do some research to find a yoga retreat that appeals to you. You will find retreats as far away as India, and as close as your own city. Getting away and joining with others to focus on yoga is a great way to practice self care and deepen your yoga practice.

If you have fallen into a rut in your yoga practice, don’t give up on it. Challenge yourself to focus your breath and mindfully push your limits. Try new asana, new classes or a new place to practice. Mix it up and enjoy the process of getting stronger, healthier and happier with yoga.