Are You Having Fun At Trade Shows?


If you’ve ever been to a trade show you have probably noticed those sales representatives who seem like they have just been interrupted from their day dreaming. If you are at a booth from where people never stop by before, then you know the feeling. Time ticks by so slowly during those days that looking at your watch is a form of self torture apparently.

But even then there are a few stores that have people rushing towards them at mad rates. Ever make you feel like you want to trade places? We don’t know if you can trade places, but surely you can adopt strategies that would help you reach at that.

So, what makes these booths so popular? You must have noticed that people don’t always slam these booths for their products, which should always be taken care of, to increase your sales, but these stores seem to always put up some free stuff for sale. For example, they complement their products with free prizes, free giveaways, and free drinks, canvas tote bags and so on.

In short, the more entertaining booth you can become, the more people you can draw attention of. Obviously that does mean that you maintain a subtlety, because what may appear fun to some, can be an extremely obnoxious to many. But a genuinely good time can leave people with a good impression of your brand, apart from the people that are drawn towards your banner.

Always add the ‘free giveaway’ tag to your booth. And if you are wondering what to give, you may search online for ideas. You see there are plenty of items available in cheap prices which are solely meant for giveaways. For example you could get a handful of the bags on sale, cheap backpacks. The key is to make a lasting impact with your little time. Discount tote bags are another great idea.