History of russia.



History of Russia - this is a very long period of becoming a great power. He originates, then when there was not the state as such, and continues to this day.

It is known that the story begins with events that occurred since the times of Ancient Russia, since the year 882. At this time, on the territory of modern Russia, there were different people, but for the most part occupied, well-known Scythians.


Next, 1237-1240 years, Principality, situated on this territory was invaded by Tatar-Mongol army. Going a little further in time, Russia has acquired the status of an Empire.

During the existence of the Russian Empire there was a lot of events, feats, etc. How many rulers have changed this Empire, for all time of its existence, a huge amount. After Russia ceased to be an Empire, it took a lot of time, and she regained status, not only of the Empire but the whole Federation, which it is, to this moment.

Broadly speaking, Russia, for all its existence, has undergone many wars and troubles, but, in spite of everything, she is and will remain a great power.