Short term rental Vienna



Vienna is one of the tourist destinations which everybody wants to visit. The city portrays one of the best cultures and has many good restaurants and resources for leisure activities.

This apartment for short term rental in Vienna has some of the exceptional features which includes

• Located near central Vienna and all major public transport are easily available.

• Certified as apartment with four stars from Apartment Services, Vienna.

• Consists of a living room, kitchen-living room, bathroom and separate toilet.

• A modern two-room apartment which can easily accommodate four persons.

• The short term rental vienna usually start with an attractive price of 55 Euros/night which is very reasonable compared to staying in a hotel.

• Moreover the space in these apartments is more than enough to host a party which you would find in a hotel room.


Apartment for rent in Vienna

Renting an apartment in Vienna is both challenging and enjoying.

Some of the key features of these apartments are

• These apartment are fully furnished and contains the ultra modern kitchen consisting of dishwasher, washing machine to name a few.

• Internet and cable-TV facility in all the rooms.

• Situated on 5th floor and is near the botanical garden.

• Ideal for four persons and contains four beds.

• Just fifteen minutes walk to city centre.

• Contains two bed rooms, living room and a dining room.

• Separate toilet with a bathroom and basement.

Thus we see that renting an apartment in Vienna can be a great experience as it contains all the major facilities which every tourist wants. Moreover with such great service and excellent ambience these apartments are hard to resist and one cannot avoid them.